Primolino has over 30 years experience in the industrial textile sector.

We have an Italian heart but an increasingly international mind-set. Primolino is a brand, a family business and a company that continues to evolve.

We started life as a family business with what was an ambitious but, at the same time, humble and straightforward mission: characteristics that can still be found in our production philosophy.

The people behind the Primolino Project are dynamic individuals with a deep affection for their work. We started with just a few partners, but our circle of collaborators is slowly expanding, and our national circuit is rapidly turning into an international one.

We love our products and we pay careful attention to our customers’ needs, especially the ones that are the hardest to satisfy. It is for this reason that, year by year, we strive to extend our partnerships with the best professionals in the catering, hotel and hospitality sectors.

Our history

The Primolino brand made its first appearance in the industrial textile sector as a simple logo, used to denote lines of high-quality tablecloths for industrial laundry use. Primolino labels originally stood as a “mark of quality” for selected fabrics within a wider production landscape.

The first actual Primolino Project would have to wait for another 10 years or so. From a basic collection of tablecloths, Primolino developed slowly until 2010, when it finally became the Primolino brand we know today: a textile brand supplying a wide range of products and accessories for professional use.

More than 30 years of technical expertise and experience in the marketing of fabrics eventually gave birth to a brand, which now boasts hundreds of collections of textile items ranging from tablecloths to bed linen and bathroom sets.

In 2016, an important partnership was set up with one of Italy’s oldest textile production companies. Over 100 years of history and experience became available to our technicians to help them create a new generation of fabrics.

Although we are a relatively young company we are firmly anchored in the long tradition of Italian textile production.

In recent years, major investments in research, technology and marketing have extended Primolino’s footprint still further. We are an ever-expanding family, ready and able to respond to the requirements of an ever-expanding clientele.

The Primolino brand is sold all over the world.

The company is based in Milan, a city with a lively and dynamic economic life. And from Milan our products are made available to the rest of the world, throughout Italy and Europe.

Our products are available in hundreds of countries all over the globe. We cater to the professional user. Primolino is a    brand   dedicated to satisfying real-world B2B demands and it is for this reason that, in our production methods, we constantly try to balance elegance and style with features typically demanded by the professional sector, such as durability and versatility.


The Primolino branded manufacturing base is in Italy.

Almost all of our products are Made in Italy and, when a product is not manufactured by us, we make sure our subcontractors comply with our guidelines and can guarantee the same high standard of production and reliability.

As we are in direct control of production we can make  ad hoc articles, to satisfy our customer’s most diverse requirements. This is a service that is helping us to grow fast in a rapidly expanding and increasingly dynamic market. Our collections include table linen, room linen, bathroom linen, hotel supplies and hundreds of other accessories intended for professional customers.


Our Company Mission

The basic idea that drives Primolino forward is that of constantly applying itself in researching new textile products that will improve the end user experience.

We are committed to total customer satisfaction because we believe that the sale of a product is only the last step in a journey that started much earlier: identifying the customer’s requirements, striving to create products that can meet the demands of an increasingly dynamic market and excellent customer support are all fundamental to our production process.

Our business objective is to make our name great through the support and approval of an ever-increasing number of people who have chosen to rely on us for the products they need. We start by trying to find out exactly what the customer needs. Our experience and our creativity are the tools we then use to satisfy these needs.