Versatility and style: tablecloths for rental companies

The main requirement of those who offer fabric rental services and supply table linen for catering, restaurants, or events is to offer their customers versatile but, at the same time, stylish and elegant items. To satisfy this very specialised requirement, we have invested time and resources carrying out research into new production techniques that allow us to create collections of table linens that are perfect for linen rental companies and caterers.

Every year, caterers and linen rental companies supply thousands of exclusive events with Primolino tablecloths.

Primolino is a textile brand based in Milan and it was there, for Expo 2015, that the special Primopes® fabric was introduced for the first time.

During this famous international exhibition, the  catering companies supplying the event needed tablecloths that were convenient to use, resistant to creases, and easy to wash and iron. Primopes® responded promptly to these requests from the linen hire companies: we created a fabric that was pleasing to the touch, easy to maintain, and available, off-the-self, in hundreds of colours. Every year, the biggest Italian wedding planners now rely on this fabric, which is also available in satin.

All our table linen for rental companies is designed for maximum versatility: ease of ironing, maintenance, and transport. The colours used are  Indantrene® (IDH). These are incredibly durable but, most importantly, can be washed in industrial laundries.
But as well as producing tablecloths for catering companies that don’t need to be ironed on site, we have also designed items for customers who are looking for fine yarns. From fine linen fabrics to the specialised easy to maintain linen mix collections, our products designed for linen rental and catering companies can be used in the most diverse situations and continue to meet the ever more pressing demands of the textile rental sector.

Wedding planners and weddings

For many people, their wedding is the most important day of their lives. Everything is planned down to the smallest detail, even the choice of the fabric rental company, and whoever is responsible for organising this event on behalf of the couple knows how difficult it is to cover every requirement.

For this reason, over the last few years we have been making tablecloths for weddings that can help make the life of a wedding planner, or the various other catering and rental companies involved in planning a wedding, much less stressful.

To provide custom designs on our jacquard tablecloths, we had to design and manufacture special frames, which are unique in our sector. This is an achievement that we are proud to share with all our customers.

For weddings and fabric rental Primolino has a range of  jacquard print tablecloths, embroidered tablecloths, table runners and other table accessories. Every year, we have the most fashionable colours in the wedding sector in stock.

Chair covers and accessories

The art of table decoration is an integral part of a centuries-old Italian tradition. The most common table accessories are tablecloths, but we also produce hundreds of other items designed to decorate and embellish dining rooms and banqueting halls of all kinds.
Runners, tea towels, coasters, bread baskets, tray accessories, dish cloths, and chef’s uniforms are just some of the Primolino products designed to complement your tableware.

The art of chair decoration is becoming less popular so there has been a decline in demand for accessories such as chair covers in recent years. However, our support for this centuries-old tradition means that we have continued to produce and improve these items. With our range of dozens of models and hundreds of colours and fabric combinations we can offer our customers a range of beautiful, personalised and prestigious chair covers.

Research and innovation

Starting as a small company in Milan, the Primolino group is growing year upon year. On-going and in-depth research into textile production is at the heart of our ability to innovate. We develop products for customers who, on a daily basis, have to try to respond to the demands of an increasingly dynamic and growing market. The partnerships we have developed with the largest industrial laundry groups, caterers, restaurants, fabric rental companies and the luxury sector, enable us to respond to the demand for new products.

Every year, we also invest in the technical sector to improve and extend our production processes. We are proud to have developed printing frames and production machinery that is unique in our sector.

A continuously challenging business environment and our dedication to improvement in a sector that has been lacking the spirit of innovation for way too long: these are the two driving forces behind our research into textile manufacturing. Collaboration with major national universities is also enabling us to develop brand new fibres and fabrics.

We believe in our country, in Italian talent, and this gives us the confidence we need to continue our campaign of investment and hiring.