Hotel linen

Primolino hotel linen consists of products created and designed to please the eyes and the hearts of your customers. Using high quality fibres, we have created items that are exquisitely soft to the touch and delightfully cocoon your guests, who fall asleep in one of the many beds made up with our linen sets.

biancheria per alberghi

Gingham sheets, satin weave cotton sheets, linen bed sets, duvets and dozens of other bed accessories make up our linen collections, created exclusively for professional and hotel use.

Hundreds of combinations of colours and designs complete our range of hotel linens, a wide range of products that includes bedspreads and room furnishings, certified as flame-retardant, which is now a legal requirement in most European facilities. Our fabrics are also exported to dozens of countries all over the world to be transformed into bespoke furnishing accessories.

Bathroom linen for luxury hotels

Every item can be personalised in accordance with the customer’s instructions: from the choice of fibres used for the fabric to the final stage of finishing. Each step can be specified and modified during the design process, to produce a unique product that reflects the personality of its user perfectly.

The bedding items we produce for luxury hotels and resorts are Primolino’s signature products, as brand leaders in the production of linen for hotels. With regard to our bedding sets and room accessories, for years our philosophy has been to create only the highest quality items: products that satisfy the complex demands of environments that, by their very nature, cannot leave any detail to chance and each decision must be made in order to make every guest’s stay unique and unforgettable.

Over 30 years of partnerships with important businesses operating in the sector and research into centuries-old Italian manufacturing techniques have resulted in the stylish and refined items we produce today. The complexity of the materials and the quality of the fibres used makes some of the Primolino bed linen sets exclusive and unique products: ours is hotel linen made for establishments that pride themselves on excellence in the luxury market.

Top Sheet

The Primolino Top Sheet is one of the major innovations we have introduced in our range of bedroom items for hotels and resorts.

A furnishing accessory as simple as it is elegant, that can change the look of your hotel and suggest a refined hint of attention to detail. The combinations of colours and designs make hundreds of variations possible, from classic white to elegant pearl grey. The Primolino Top Sheet can also be produced to the customer’s specifications and using customised colour charts to produce one-off items.

An Italian product: tradition and innovation

Primolino bed linen collections are made entirely in Italy from the highest quality yarns.

Our challenge is to keep alive the centuries-old tradition of Italian textile production while, at the same time, incorporating the most important aspects of our modern world into a new generation market, one which is characterised by continuous change and a dynamism unique in history.

To continue to meet the challenge that we face every day with determination and conviction we need to carry on with our research in the name of innovation and constant improvement. Dozens of partnerships with distinguished customers, industry technicians and national universities mean that we can continue to produce incredible new items, never seen before, for our customers.

History and tradition that we are proud to introduce to a global market. Spreading the Made in Italy brand with passion and determination.