High prestige customers: our pride and our inspiration

Resorts, spas and hundreds of other exclusive locations are just some of the prestigious customers who have chosen Primolino luxury hotel linens for their businesses.

Luxury linen

Serving such prestigious customers is a source of pride for us but requires a continuous commitment to continue to improve and expand our product range with items of excellence and superior quality.

We see every customer as a challenge for us and we are fully committed to meeting these challenges head-on, in all circumstances. Satisfying the demands of our world-renowned customers presents us with challenges unique  in our industry, on a regular basis. The desire to offer their guests a unique and exclusive product sends these service providers on a search for suppliers who will be able to satisfy this demand and our commitment to quality and our technical capability have enabled us to rise to the challenge of linen for the luxury hotel sector. When we put together a new collection, we have a clear idea of what the luxury market needs and we strive to turn this idea into a reality that is accessible to the various customer segments.

High quality bed linen for hotels and resorts

We offer a range of high-quality bed linen for hotels and resorts , produced entirely in Italy and made with the best yarns available on the market.

Our exclusive Primolino Top Sheet collection is a fresh and innovative range of furnishing accessories. Our percale  and cotton satin sheets are of the highest quality and envelope the guest in a cocoon of comfort and tranquillity.

These high-quality hotel and resort linens are just a few of the hundreds of products available in the bed linen and luxury hotel linen collections. All our items are customisable and can be decorated with the customer’s designs using hemstitching, cordonetto and other techniques borrowed from the long tradition of Italian textile production.

Bath towels for hotels and spas

Primolino bathroom products are designed for all types of customer, from the simplest B&B to the luxury resort or the international yachting company .

Cotton, wood fibre or bamboo towels; bathrobes with shawls or hoods; pool towels, sheets for mud treatments or for spas; face cloths, shower mats, and hundreds of other product combinations can be found in our bathroom linen collections for hotels, spas, yachts or resorts.

The use of natural bamboo fibre allows us to make garments that stay soft and comfortable over time. A very specialised production technique and limited availability make these items a luxury that those who aim to offer excellence in service cannot ignore.

Every item in the luxury hotel linen collections can be customised with jacquard embroidery. Towels can be supplied with either the classic hydrophilic fibre or double twist pile finish. Items are available either in velour or honeycomb fabric.

Tablecloths for hotels: Michelin-starred restaurants and chefs

Hotel and resort restaurants can vary enormously: from the simple breakfast buffet to prestigious restaurants with Michelin-starred chefs that feature in the most prestigious restaurant guides. Our tableware offers a solution for every situation; from tablecloths for luxurious dining rooms or simple furnishings for buffets or service tables. Each item in our wide selection of products can be made and customised according to the customer’s specifications.

Using special jacquard looms we can create personalised, large dimension tablecloths (over 360 cm wide), which can be adorned with designs and company logos, printed directly onto the basic product, without having to embroider the fabric or make digital prints.

However, our craftsmen can also create beautiful embroidery for customers that want this kind of customisation.