Laundry in the industrial sector: Primolino’s 30 years of experience

The Primolino brand boasts over 30 years of collaboration with some of the largest industrial laundries in Europe. Our industrial laundry items include table linen, bed linen and bathroom linen. Since these products are intended for professional use our research led to the development of products that could tolerate the high stresses of industrial washing without foregoing the use of fine yarns and the creation of elegant and stylish linen.

Primolino table linen for industrial laundries

Our line of tablecloths for industrial laundry use includes items such as tablecloths for restaurants, tablecloths for catering (that must be versatile and easy to use), tablecloths for weddings, and hundreds of other table accessories.

Thousands of restaurants all over the world are already aware of the high-quality of manufacture and stylish appearance of our tablecloths. The yarns used are of the highest quality and include fibres such as linen, cotton, hemp, jute or newly developed special fibres that can satisfy the most demanding customers. It is no coincidence that the chefs who boast the most Michelin stars in the world use Primolino tablecloths.

Our extensive experience in the production of industrial tablecloths has helped us achieve the outstanding success that we enjoy today. Primolino was created to produce and market high quality tablecloths for industrial laundries. We eventually decided to create an actual  brand to guarantee the quality standards that have always been the hallmark of our products. Today, Primolino produces tablecloths for industrial laundries throughout Italy, which are also sold on four continents. Thousands of customers all over the world put their faith in the quality of our production chain that makes it possible for us to monitor every step during the production of our items and to intervene and make modifications whenever necessary to achieve the desired result.

Linen for industrial laundries

The Primolino brand bathroom linen line includes shower screens, towels, bathrobes, bath and shower mats, washcloths and dozens of other bathroom accessories.

Our products are intended for high-status, professional customers and are made exclusively from the best quality yarn. We supply hotels, resorts, cruise lines and luxury residences. Our special range of towels for yachts has been produced in partnership with the most influential companies in the  world  of luxury yachting.


Unlike articles intended for domestic use, all our bath linen can be washed in industrial laundries and can withstand the stresses of professional washing processes, thanks to the high quality of the yarn used in their production. Our research into achieving the best possible balance between strength and quality allows us to work alongside the largest European industrial laundries.

For the most demanding customers, special bamboo fibre bath collections have been developed. Bamboo is a natural yarn that is extremely soft to the touch. The towels stay soft and have a high drying capacity. Hundreds of spas have already chosen to pamper their guests with items from the Primolino bamboo collection.

Bed linen for industrial laundries

The best yarns on the market form the essential ingredients of our industrial laundry bed linen.  Bed sets in linen or satinised Giza cotton, Primolino’s special Top Sheet lines,  bedside mats and dozens of other bedding accessories are made every day using only the highest quality yarns. As with the tablecloths, all our bedding items destined for industrial laundry use are made entirely in Italy and can be embellished with finishes such as hemstitching, cordonetto, or elegant embroidery to the customer’s specifications. Even these items are designed to withstand industrial washing treatments and offer the best compromise between style and strength. We do not sell imported items because we want to protect and support the long tradition of high-quality bed linen production in Italy.