We have over 30 years of experience in industrial tablecloths

The Primolino brand has been built on over 30 years experience in the textile and industrial tablecloth sector. Initially created as a high-quality line for industrial laundry tablecloths, the Primolino project has developed into an independent brand that now boasts a textile production capability that is able to respond to the requirements of an increasingly demanding market.

Primolino Industrial tablecloths

We are an increasingly international business that never loses sight of its Italian origins. This is why almost all of our products boast the “Made in Italy” label.

In addition to our well-known tablecloth collections, Primolino brand products include other items for catering, table accessories, bed linen, bathroom linen, furniture textiles, technical textiles, clothing and special non-iron, waterproof, and fireproof fabrics. The heart and mind of the Primolino brand are based in Milan, the famous capital of Lombardy. Customers who have chosen to place their trust in us are spread across four continents, in more than 100 countries around the world.

tovagliato industriale italiano

A “Made in Italy” production

The Italian identity of the Primolino brand is the foundation of our success. A centuries-long tradition is the fertile ground in which we can grow, by combining traditional textile production processes with technical innovation. Our products are almost exclusively made in Italy. The few articles that we are not yet able to produce in Italy are clearly labeled as such. This is because we strongly believe in, and actively work to promote, the Made in Italy brand. Our “Made in Italy” label is 100% guaranteed. No production steps are performed beyond our borders. Each year, hundreds of people work to create our items, from the spinning stage to the finishing stage, ending with product marketing.

Real Italian craftsmanship that is becoming increasingly well-known around the world. The desire to publicise our Bel Paese culture and textile tradition outside Italy is even more vigorously pursued today and is being made possible by all the customers who put their trust in our products, day after day.

Stylish fine yarns

In addition to a mastery of production techniques it is essential to keep the customer’s trust in the durability and quality of our products. To do this we only use yarns of the highest quality.

We, therefore, use only carded and combed yarns. Our suppliers are selected from among the leading companies in the textile industry sector. In partnership with these companies, we are committed to continuing our research and development into creating new products that will continue to rise to the challenge of an ever-changing market. Using only the highest quality yarns allow us to create elegant and stylish products. Almost half a century of experience and partnerships with world-renowned designers have allowed us to refine our production techniques and develop our taste for elegance and refinement.

Customisation and industrial finishing

Primolino brand products can be customised and made to measure. Each item in our textile collections can be customised according to the customer’s specifications.

Such flexibility is only possible because the fabrics are produced in-house. In this way, we can control every phase of production: from the selection of the yarn, the choice of colour, to the dimensions of the product and its finishing.

In addition to the  ad hoc fabrics we produce we have hundreds of items in stock that can be processed immediately and delivered within 24 working hours of the order being placed.