Unique and exclusive tablecloths and linen!

Primolino is an Italian brand famous for its high-quality tablecloths. The main leaders in the industrial and luxury linen sectors opt for tablecloths made from our fabrics because they have faith in our production philosophy and trust the quality of our products.

Luxury Linen

With more than 30 years of experience and hundreds of distinguished partners, we can proudly boast that our table products are made using only the best yarns and the most innovative construction and spinning techniques currently available in the world of textiles.

Tablecloths and fabrics for the luxury sector and luxury linen items are our signature products that have continued to reconfirm our status as a textile manufacturer of high-quality table linen for many years. Hundreds of award-winning chefs , fashion houses and large textile brands have chosen our luxury table linens and accessories to enhance their restaurants and showrooms.

All Primolino tablecloths can be customised using embroidery, fine stitching,  jacquard weaving or traditional Italian textile techniques. Thanks to our continuous investment in research and experimentation we can now produce very high-quality tablecloths, resistant to industrial washing treatments, without sacrificing elegance and style.

Hundreds of fabrics in stock, thousands of combinations and the choice of customisation, from the choice of the yarn itself to the finishing: these are just some of the features that make our table linen unique.

Luxury bed linen

We have been making bed linen of the highest quality for years. Our products are made entirely in Italy from fine yarns. We do not sell fabrics for imported bed linen sets and we use only the highest quality raw materials.

Our bed linen sets, cotton satin, percale and the special Top Sheet Primolino lines, are just some of the items that make up our range of luxury linens for the bedroom.

The best hotels and resorts in Italy, and throughout the world, have chosen our fabrics to pamper their customers. The hundreds of requests we receive  every day from individuals wanting to buy our bed linen, after staying in a high-end hotel, confirm that the choice of bed linen is of fundamental importance when striving to offer your guests the most luxurious and relaxing experience possible. It is for this reason that we are constantly searching for the best compromise between comfort and product quality, and the practical requirements of cleaning, sterilising and ironing items in the laundry to comply with the strictest standards of hygiene. Our intention is to create an exclusive product but one that is also suitable for professional use.

Luxury bathroom linens

In addition to our excellent bed linen range, we must also mention our collections of bathroom linens designed for spas, resorts, hotels and other exclusive establishments.

Bamboo towels, personalised pool towels, and sheets for mud treatments or massage are among the products that those who have made customer care their fundamental selling point have requested the most.

Our bathroom items are available in the boutiques of some of the most prestigious international hotels. Most of these articles are customised and created specifically for the businesses that use them.

An endless possibility for customisation is the basis of the success of our products, as well as the use of high-quality raw materials.

Accessories for the luxury sectors and customisation

Our customers who operate in the luxury sector, as we know, need to offer exclusive, innovative, and high-quality products. Our research in the field of luxury linen focuses on the creation of items that can meet the needs of this increasingly dynamic and international market.

Our customers have a strong desire to provide a unique product and leave their mark on the hearts and minds of those who enjoy their luxury services. To this end, each product can be customised to the customer’s exact specifications. All this is made possible by the fact that we produce and control the marketing of our products from the very first step. This flexibility allows us to satisfy the demands of the luxury sector completely.