Catering and Restaurant tablecloths

Primolino catering tablecloths were developed in response to the demand for a product that is easy to work with without compromising on elegance and style. The versatility of our tablecloth lines, developed for catering and renting companies, is a result of the use of innovative construction techniques and yarns that make them easy to iron and maintain, meaning fewer headaches when they are transported.

The revolutionary construction techniques we use allow us to offer a high-quality product that is also very versatile.

Innovation and the quality of the raw materials are the bedrocks of our production process: combed or carded yarns and Indantrene® (IDH) colours: guaranteed durability but, above all, they can be washed in industrial laundries.

The special Primopes® collection, created for MILAN EXPO 2015, has been used in thousands of locations throughout Europe over the last few years. More than 100 colours produced in just three years, the most influential wedding planners on the Italian scene have been able to satisfy the often very demanding requests of thousands of brides. For the most demanding customers, in addition to special fabrics that are easy to maintain, collections made with the finest yarns, such as linen, are available.

Tablecloths for restaurants

Linen tablecloths, or linen and cotton mixes, are the classic choice. However, we have added innovative fabrics, made possible thanks to over 30 years of experience and experimentation in the Italian catering sector in collaboration with our partners.

In Italy, catering plays a central role in tourism and the economy. Our great culinary tradition goes hand in hand with our ancient textile tradition. This is the reason we were determined to face the challenge of producing a 100% Italian range of restaurant tablecloths. Our tableware is designed for a wide range of customers: from trattorias to Michelin star restaurants. Hundreds of combinations, more than 20 tablecloth collections for restaurants and thousands of items, these are the resources we use every day to satisfy the demands of a dynamic and constantly evolving market. Primolino table products are sold in four continents and are used by thousands of people all over the world. We are Italian through and through and will never give up our dream of propelling the  “Made in Italy” brand to even loftier heights.

Tablecloths for weddings

Getting married is, for many people, a unique and unrepeatable event. A day that nobody will ever forget.

Attention to detail is therefore essential and nothing should be left to chance. This was a challenge that we turned into a great opportunity for  wedding planners in their efforts to satisfy the increasingly pressing demands of brides and grooms.

Primolino’s wedding tablecloth lines have been developed and are continuously being improved precisely because of this dynamic, and yet still traditional, market.

Fine linen tablecloths can be used in combination with the colourful and adaptable new-generation fabrics. The more traditional customers can count on table covers and wedding table accessories that have deep roots in Italian and European history.

Wedding tablecloths can be customised with embroidery and jacquard work. The technological innovations we have made in our production lines allow us to create unique and artistic designs. Classic customisation using monograms or the happy couple’s initials is available, in addition to the wide range of innovative touches we have designed to make what is the most important day in many people’s lives an unforgettable one.

Professional and industrial tablecloths

Tablecloths that can be cleaned in industrial and professional laundries are Primolino’s core product. Partnerships created over 30 years ago have given us an immense amount of experience and profound technical knowledge applicable to a niche sector that is not always easy to satisfy.

The production of tablecloths for industrial laundries requires the use of high-quality raw materials, the ability to produce tablecloth in large sizes, the use of fibres and colours that are resistant to the industrial treatments necessary for compliance with the high standards of hygiene required by the market today.

All industrial and professional laundry products can be customised on request. Customised fabric is available and can be sold as fabric by the metre or finished according to the end user’s instructions. Each article is designed to be very durable without having to compromise on elegance or style.